Friday, April 7, 2017


I got a half a day of "my life" back today. My kids are ALL in school on Fridays as of two weeks ago. But some of these I am a parent chaperone for field trips so they don't count. In fact, I consider it "negative" time because even when it's over you are still exhausted. And if we balance the equation it means even less gets done. But I thought my down time could be used up this morning sharing a quilt I finished a while ago. I don't even know when - probably a few months but if it's been longer, please don't mention it, haha. The fabric strips of Latitude were sent to me by the fabulous Kate Spain. And gosh they are luscious.

This one wound up at 52" x 52" and is in the shop (because, let's face it, I'm nearly drowning in my quilting at this point - don't tell the husband, ha). 


  1. I truly have never seen such perfection in applique. Simply beautiful. I know our customers will be drooling with this one.

  2. It was indeed worth all the time & effort you put into this amazing & beautiful quilt you created.
    The end result is downright amazing!

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