Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rapunzel Costume

Made a Rapunzel costume.

"My flower" is modelling it for me.
Used eyelets for the lacing holes in the faux corset.

 The back with invisible zipper closure. 

The front lacing, lace, and ribbon embellished sleeves. 
I think the sleeves were the biggest "pain" to making this costume.

The whole front.
I love the light and dark purple combo. 
I also need to convince my daughter that purple is her color. 
I like her in it better than pink. 
Unfortunately, the current order of her favorite colors goes: 
1 - pink
2 - purple
3 - purple-y pink

Wow, I would never have guessed that my girl would, well, be a girly girl. 

Too bad for her that this costume is for one of her best friends (who I made Minnie Mouse last year). 
She's been wearing it all morning and quoting scenes from Tangled and making me be the wicked Mother (why do i have to be the bad one?) and dad be Eugene. :)