Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello Fall

HELLO fall! 

Even in Houston we've been enjoying some cooler (not exactly cool) temperatures and subsequently the great outdoors. 

But I have squeezed in a little stitching time. 

As everyone should.

Seriously lovely fabrics that NEED to be decorating someone's house this fall... 

Super skinny strip coasters.

Random echo straight line quilting.

A few gorgeous gourds. 

Autumnal awesomeness. 

Actually my house has been decorated for fall/halloween/thanksgiving for weeks. 

Might have jumped the gun a little on that one.

And my first rag wreath!

These could be a very addictive thing.

Like possibly more addictive than Candy Crush...


I hope you are enjoying the season too! 

Both are in the shop