Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In good use :)

I just saw this on my friend's blog...
Always makes you feel good when your present (especially a quilt) is getting good use. :) 

Happy day!
Now back to sewing.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leftovers on the Table

Leftovers in the form of fabric of course!
Flora by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda even.

A close up of the pretty fabrics.
This line is sooooo dang cheerful!

Lots of straight quilting.

Oh, and this could be your mailbox... 

I laugh at my own jokes. 
Yes, I am that person.
In my defense, my husband doesn't laugh at my jokes. 
No matter how funny! 
He just says, "Mmm, that's funny."

It's in the shop.


Good morning beautiful Sunday. 
I love taking photos in the morning with bright blue cloudless skies.
It makes it so much more enjoyable. 

Up for photos today was Etchings - a larger version of this runner.
Same pattern just more. 

Quilted in a loop-de-loop.

Binding looking a bit like a clam. :)

I love the blueprint fabrics in this line. 
Between those, the text fabrics, and the gray color, it really modernized the otherwise very traditional feel of the florals in the fabric line. 
I always like this type of juxtaposition. 

Anyway, it's lap sized - 51" x 53" and available for love in the shop.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I had some more Clementine in the stash and thought it was about time it made it into a finished quilt. 
You know, that fabric that sits in the little bin all by itself waiting. 
For what? It doesn't know yet, because you don't know.
But it sits there.
And then one day it magically turns into a quilt! 
Well, something like that anyway. 

The binding is a purple stripe and the backing is a large flowers on pink print from the Amelia by Me and My Sister Designs.

That's what happens when you wait too long after a fabric line is released to get the backing/binding. 
And Clementine was actually one of my very first purchases as a new quilter. 
I think it was the third fabric line I ever sewed with... that seems like a long time ago. 
I actually made this with it. 
Well, two of those.
I gave one away to my mother-in-law... I think.
It predates the blog. 
But this project was actually leftovers from this

Anyway, I ramble. 
Oh, and it's 37" x 37" and in the shop.

A Stitch in Color

I don't know how many of you are readers of Malka Dubrawsky's blog, but I've been enjoying for quite a while. 
Long before she ever was designing fabric for Moda. 
So, I was thrilled to get my hands on her first line, A Stitch in Color, and have some fun with it! 

I also took my inspiration for the quilting directly from some of her quilting projects and wow, that was fun.
It made me want to quilt like that all the time. 

A little nature to match!

Maybe you can see my quilting better in this one? 

Oh, and the backing. 
It looks like another quilt. 
It's the cheater fabric in the line - the "panel" of sorts. 

It ended up at 37" x 42" and is in the shop.

Cape Ann

This quilt was actually a long time in the making. 
I really enjoyed sewing with all the tiny sweet prints in Cape Ann. 
It's classic Oliver and S adorableness. 
Little outfits, perfect dots, stripes, etc. 
They have some super cute clothing patterns that are in the fabric that may eventually need to be created separately by me. : ) 
I'm actually disappointed that my LQS doesn't carry them.
I'm very impulsive when it comes to sewing clothes for the little people.
Planning and ordering can be so painful.
I lose my motivation and excitement waiting for things in the mail sometimes.

It measures 47" x 51" and is in the shop.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Baby Wash

I love having conversations with little people. 
On Saturday my little who went with me to a baby shower. 
She asked me as we were leaving, "Mommy, why can't Kayson and Daddy go to the baby wash too?"

Anyway, I made another scrappy baby quilt for it. This time squares.
Fabric was random left overs of who knows what that all boiled down to a BOY quilt.
Baby shower was Saturday. 
Made it Friday morning.
In one sitting.
Only stopping to hand drinks and food to kids.

She really liked it too which makes me happy :D.
It's funny to step out of the quilting world and see what people think of quilts. 
Things like, "Wow, this must have taken so much time." and "Did you sew this on a regular sewing machine?" and "I could never let a baby spit-up on it." 
And here I was thinking, "Wow, that was fast and easy. I should make more of these just to be ready for future showers. And it's GREAT for baby spit-up since stains won't show easily on all that color." 

Friday, February 10, 2012


So, the husband was doing dishes and casually mentions, "I'd get you a maid if I could afford it."
Me, "Really? That be great."
Husband: "Yeah. That way she could do all the quilting around here."

STINKER! Not such a subtle hint to stop sewing and clean the kitchen... ha!

So with all that time that I wasn't cleaning house, I finished the rainbow quilt. :)
This was soooo therapeutic! 
I really never knew why people made scrap quilts (not all from the same jelly roll/charm pack/layer cake/etc.). 
I have a very small stash of fabric compared to most quilters who sew from a stash of fabric that occupies a wall of shelves lined with beautiful fabric. 
But I'm getting there slowly. hehe.
I really enjoyed the process of making something cohesive and beautiful out of "random scraps" like this.
I recommend it!

Bound and backed with the cheerful rainbow stripe and big circles from the Celebrate Seuss fabric line. 

In the shop.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweetheart and Heart Throb

We are so ready for Valentine's Day now! 
It's funny how things change as you get older.
I remember in high school thinking I had to be dating someone to make Valentine's not such a drag of a holiday, ya know, "single awareness day". 
Then when I was first married, it was all about having the perfect gift and dinner to spoil the husband. 
Now, it's all about cupcakes, cute outfits, and crafts to do with the little people!
(That husband, however, must still do something remotely romantic. hehe.)

While waiting some more for that fabric to arrive, I made my "Heart Throb" a little appliqued shirt.
(Note: His faucet, a.k.a. mouth, is still leaking. Grrrrr....)
Applique and other fabric selections are from Chemistry by Cosmo Cricket for Moda.

Both kiddos together.
I love a fun matching set for brother and sister.

The endless ruffles of this skirt with binding edge!
It's three tiers of ruffles with a drop waist. 

All that ruffle and the heart appliques for the little who.

Being perfect (at least in my humble opinion!) in her new outfit. 
She loves it! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Waiting impatiently...


I'm waiting, not patiently, for an order to arrive from The Fat Quarter Shop so I can finish some quilts I have in progress. 
Sew... sew... what to sew? what to sew?
I found a project I liked here
A little string therapy would be nice. 
Made a bunch of blocks in various colors.
I found in organizing my scraps by color that I had an unusually large amount of one particular color.
And it's not even my favorite color.
It's my little who's favorite!
In all it's many shades and hues and pepto-iness.
Like I said, not my personal fav.

Side note, I have a baby shower to go to...
A girl's...

A pink string quilt! 

This looks like a jelly roll. 
Makes me hungry.

With the back.

And all laid out.
Too pink for me. :)
My little who wanted to keep it.
Every color has a lover.
But I don't think I can make another by Saturday!

Besides, I have a surprise in the works for her too :)