Monday, April 30, 2012


This was some cheerful sewing. 
I love saturated color.
Now I'm trying to decide just what to do with these dresdens.
I've got 10. 
I know, I really need one less or two more for a simpler decision.
I could do 2 baby quilts of 4 and a throw pillow.
I could just do 10 throw pillows.
I could do a lap quilt of 9 and a throw pillow. 
I could make table runners...

These are the ones my little who was cutting apart for me.

If anyone knows just what I should do from here, please divulge in the comments section.
While I wait for inspiration to strike or for one of you dear readers to provide it, I'm going to sew something else.
No, I don't know what.
There's plenty of fabric around here though.
I'm sure I can find something that needs a stitch.

Some close shots. 
Just because.

Happy stitching!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

At least someone's doing something here.

Well, I've actually sewn a little. 
Just nothing to really show for it. 
Bunch of doll dresses for a friend's child's birthday party.
Quilted a friend's baby quilt.
A million coasters for a custom order.
K, it just felt like a million.
Some hand stitching on little projects while waiting at dance class.
But really, nothing awesome and quilty.
I know, those two words are nearly synonyms. ;)

This morning I decided half the problem was the MESS. 
All the fabric and thread and well, quilty stuff, was EVERYWHERE. 
So I've been cleaning, errr, sorting. 
You know how it is.
And someone else has been doing my quilting work for me.

**Picture me beaming ear to ear here**

The little who has been busying herself cutting apart my chain pieced Dresden pieces.
It's a little "Good Fortune" by Kate Spain for Moda.

Nothing cuter than my baby playing with my Moda fabrics.
She's going to make a great quilter some day and probably sooner than I think!!! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous Easter weekend.
I'm sure you spent yours doing similar things... 
- coloring eggs (cleaning up dye messes)
- hunting for eggs (trying to remember how many eggs were hidden so there isn't a nasty mess somewhere in the future)
- getting dressed up for an extra special day at church (trying to contain out of control children for hours in a quiet room with plenty of judgmental eyes)
- spending time with family (slaving away in the kitchen while everyone complains that they are too hungry)
- etc.

So, I had these great Easter sewing plans. 
Luckily I finished something. 
Definitely have a bunch of half finished stuff lying about still though. :(
Maybe by next year? 
Let's just say, "I doubt it." and leave it at that. 
News of "things" to come soon - just not yet.
So anyway, back to the successful part of the story.
(I'm giving myself a B- this year for not finishing the quilt-y things I started.)

The only thing I couldn't live without... matching outfits for the kiddos.
I know. 
I probably would have survived somehow, but it wouldn't have been pretty.
And another thing.
Boy clothing... takes a LOT of effort. I wouldn't say that any particular thing was "hard" just so dang many steps and pieces. 
It would take a brave moment to decide to do it again.

More pictures on my other blog.
And the kids are actually looking at the camera in those pictures. 
Well, some of them.
I take what I can get.