Thursday, January 14, 2016

Coasted out.

Back in September I broke my ankle playing volleyball. I came down on someone's foot which was well under the net. Sometimes in life you get punished for someone else's mistake. But I assume I'll eventually be fine. Though almost 4 months later I'm still limping. (On a side note, do not break your ankle. It takes 6-12 months to heal. No one has time for that. haha!)

But a broken ankle makes for little sewing (or anything else for that matter). I couldn't even leave it down sitting in a chair. But I'm slowly getting back to my usual self. Very, very slowly.

I can't even tell you how frustrated, bored, etc. I was as an invalid with four children. Especially the 2.5 year old twin boys. But grandma swooped in to save them and me so we survived. :) 

And for a couple of projects while out of commission, I managed to make some coasters. It's funny how just finishing something, anything, makes me feel better. So I took some pictures today of my tiny accomplishments.

Have a happy stitching day!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New year, old projects.

It seems that each new year we take stock of life and evaluate our accomplishments and failures. Some decide to try to make changes with lists of resolutions. And the crafters? We have piles of unfinished projects that we look around at and realize it's been another YEAR and we still haven't gotten them out of the UFO pile. STILL!

Well, that list seems to be ever evolving but some of my projects have been on it for multiple years. Don't worry, I won't list them for you. Or even show them to you. That would take a LOT of photos.

So I'll start this year's blogging by sharing one project that I've been working on for the better part of a year already that hopefully will see a completion in the next few months. 


At this point in life you'd think I'd know better than to be hopeful about quilting projects getting finished. 

But I thought it deserved a share at the completion of over 200 blocks. 201 to be exact. Just need 41 more and I'll have enough for a king size quilt. It's all scrappy and happy and is the "rainbow rows" from the #apqquiltalong2015 pattern. So close to finishing. 

So close. So far. Still a lot of work before this one is ON MY BED! Can you imagine? I've never made myself a bed quilt. My kids all have quilts. But a king still seemed like a lot of work and time and commitment. Good thing I picked a super quick project. HA! not. 

Wish me luck finding some time to finish this one! 
I love it even from this picture. :)