Friday, March 6, 2015


Sloop /slüp/ noun : a one-masted sailboat with a fore-and-aft mainsail and a jib.

About a year ago I started this project for my biggest little man. I designed and constructed it just for him from one of my all-time favorite fabric lines - Salt Air (by Cosmo Cricket for Moda). It fits his personality perfectly and he LOVES it. In fact, he's been loving it almost a year now. 

And it took a LOT of love for me to let him have it once it was complete. A queen-sized paper-pieced quilt in lovely fabrics... and he still occasionally has bedtime accidents. It's a good thing he's cute.

And it's about time I shared it on the blog. This seems to be the two hardest parts of quilting for me lately. Photos and journaling. Oh, and I'm sure you'll notice the fish pillow with clamshell pattern I made for him too. He jumps on it. Yes, I love him very much and he's very very cute. HA!

But back to the sloops. 

The paper-pieced little boats are offset to emphasize the equilateral triangle design and create continuous visual lines on the diagonal across the quilt.

And you can have one too if you like. Pattern here and here.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Every year I try to go to Quilt Festival. 
Simply amazing.
Everywhere you look.
Inspirational on every level.
And every time I think up something new I want to try.
And it's less than an hour's drive. 
This year I left dreaming of quilting fabulousness.
(Not a word, I know.)
"Horizon" (Kate Spain for Moda) was the next fabric on the cutting table.
I went with a very simple modern design with lots of negative space for the quilting to share the spotlight.

I highly recommend this sort of quilting. 
VERY fun.
I didn't want this project to end. 
At 36" x 37", I felt like this project ended too soon. 
I need to just start another one. 

It has a random assortment of free motion feathers, flowers, vines, paisleys, swirls, and any other design I could think of to quilt doodle. 

Granted it did take a lot of hours. 
But they were some happy hours! 

And more pics of the quilting. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pink Lemonade

My newest creation in Pink Lemonade by Tonga Treats.

My little who wanted to help... so I let her be Icarus. It looks like she's already too close and her wings are just starting to burn. 

And really, these batiks are BRILLIANT. 

I see lots of things when I look at these colors. 

Fire, sunsets, but mostly... 

Starburst candies? Seriously, reminds me of the Starbursts color combination. So much so that I had to go eat some. Thank goodness Halloween just happened and I had plenty of selection to rifle through for just the right thing. 

It ended up about 64" x 64" and it's in the shop

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

It's over.
Halloween 2014 is in the books.
What a whirlwind.
4 kids, 4 costumes, 4 times the work and 4 times the chaos.
Seriously, I'm wondering what gives for people with more than 4 kids.
No really.
I would LOVE to know.
Any more than 2 children close in age results in some form of selected neglect.
So what do you give up at that point?
Because I can't give up making costumes entirely.
One did come from the Disney Store this year though. Peter Pan.
It was too awesome.
And he LOVED it.
But I did make the twins' lost boys costumes and Tinkerbell - except the wings.

The babies even liked the hats enough to leave them on most of the time. :)

 Tinkerbell thought she was in Never Land.

And twirling? Yes, lots and lots of twirling.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello Fall

HELLO fall! 

Even in Houston we've been enjoying some cooler (not exactly cool) temperatures and subsequently the great outdoors. 

But I have squeezed in a little stitching time. 

As everyone should.

Seriously lovely fabrics that NEED to be decorating someone's house this fall... 

Super skinny strip coasters.

Random echo straight line quilting.

A few gorgeous gourds. 

Autumnal awesomeness. 

Actually my house has been decorated for fall/halloween/thanksgiving for weeks. 

Might have jumped the gun a little on that one.

And my first rag wreath!

These could be a very addictive thing.

Like possibly more addictive than Candy Crush...


I hope you are enjoying the season too! 

Both are in the shop

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Christmas Treetopia

  1. a state of things in which every tree is perfect. 

It finished at 62" x 62" of Christmas tree happiness. 

Available here and here

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Courtyard Batik Quilt

Hello and good morning sunshine! 
Have I got a new quilt to share.

Picture me sitting here lightly clapping my hands together really fast with a big cheese on my face. 

There is something about color order that appeals to people (not just me, whew).
And a good strong graphic design. 

And a perfectly sunny day without a cloud in the sky to snap some quilt-y goodness.


Ahh, happy.


Pattern available here and here.