Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Apples

First, a little story.
Yesterday while I sat sewing, my 3 year old was playing with her little VTech toy that has a keyboard. She typed in "MODA" and then said, "Mommy, I typed the word Moda because I love them."
I asked her why she loved Moda.
Her response, "They are nice and send you all the pretty fabric."
So, not only does my 3 year old know how to spell "Moda" but she also loves them for sending me pretty fabric!
Brainwashing = SUCCESS!!!
Now if only they would send it for free. ;)
On to the quilt de jour...
I love the little drawings in Aneela Hooey's new Little Apples for Moda fabric line.
These little images DEMANDED to be fussy cut and framed.
Okay, maybe that's a bit much.
But they did politely ask me to do so.
I obliged them.
This line definitely has some fall flair to it.
The quilt is baby sized at about 36" x 36" and is in the shop.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tracks in the Snow

From a distance the fabric actually doesn't look all that "Christmas-y" but it is BasicGrey's Jovial for Moda.

The idea behind this one is tire tread.

This concept will likely be a pattern for you soon.

Just have to iron out a few kinks.
Like the ridiculously non-standardized measurements.
I squared them up to 1/16th inch increments.
Odd, huh?

Runner is in the shop.


I was just wanting to play with these fabrics (Etchings by 3 Sisters for Moda) and thought up a little table topper for it.

This fabric line has some awesome achitectural drawing prints that will be fun to buy in yardage when they are available in stores.

Of course their floral designs are exquisite as always.

This one is also in the shop.

Christmas in July isn't over yet!

Christmas in July is definitely a quilting thing.
My husband just doesn't understand.
I walk around humming and sometimes singing LOUDLY all sorts of Christmas songs.
All the new Christmas fabrics are hitting the stores with projects to do.
And because it's only July I buy TONS of it knowing that I'll have plenty of time to make things. **insert sarcastic laughter here**
This idea was born a few weeks ago and after spending half a day drawing and coloring (with the help of my 3 year old - she really colored a lot of it for me) I had a pseudo-pattern ready to go.
Then I just had to execute the plan.
And I really really liked the results.

This one is a Stylized Christmas Tree Wall Hanging in 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain for Moda and it's in the

Pleated Skirt

This afternoon was a bit of a "I'll do this to pretend I don't have to do that" kinda things...

I should be packing.

We move THIS Saturday.

I have packed maybe 10ish boxes.

Instead, I sewed this little skirt for my little who.

I could pretend that I needed to use the materials up so I didn't have to pack them... but that would hardly justify the time.

This was a nice and quick little project though.

I'm working on an outfit for "the boy" right now too.

Baby sizes are VERY inaccurate.

This thing would fit an 18 mo. old easily.

Based on the weights in the pattern sizes it should have fit him now. Grrr...

Happy girl in her new skirt.

Note the high heel "clickity" shoes in the fabric!! (Red Essentials Studio E fabric)

My little who has an OBSESSION with these shoes.

She even managed to get me to buy her a pair of high heels. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

So, a little bit of a funny story which may or may not make you think I'm nuts.

I am, by the way.

I've had this quilt done since Friday.

I had the pillow done.

Well, almost.

I just needed a little more binding fabric.

The quilt shop that carries it was (of course) an hour away.

With two kids and people in town over the weekend that was impossible to accomplish.

Plus, my hubs works across the street from it 3 days/week so I couldn't justify the drive.

Well, I was nagging, nagging, whining, and nagging some more at my hubs.

It was driving me up the wall!

Finally (miraculously), he said he'd pick it up on his way home from work yesterday.

He didn't work there yesterday, so he actually drove 45 minutes out of his way to make his commute almost 2 hours just to get me ONE EIGHTH yard of the red dots fabric I needed one day sooner.

MAJOR brownie points.

In the world of quilting husbands - that makes him the BEST!

I really do love him. :)

It's 53" x 53" and the pillow is 18" x 18" - the quilt, pillow, and PATTERN (I know, seriously on top of this one) are in the shop!

I adore these fabrics. I am going to have to get some more and redo my stockings this year.

So, you'll probably see the ones I made last year and hung for a couple days listed in the shop too. :)

The matching pillow.

The whole stack.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lost in the mix

Sugar Pop runner already in the shop, but it was quickly forgotten and never was blogged! :(
I got a little carried away with the walking foot and the straight quilting lines, but it makes for a wonderful texture.

All better. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Don't these colors look just like S'mores?

Why do I always associate fabric with food?

Could that possibly be healthy?

The hubs thought this was an exercise in self-torture.

But to me it was more of a challenge to see how small of an item I could make an entire charm pack's worth of fabric not throwing any of it away.

Pretty small.

34" x 15.5" and that was with the borders!

After having finished it and laying it on top of the "brown couch" (yes, we give our couches very creative names) I realized I should have made it into two matching throw pillows.

It would have been perfect.

Spot on color match with the light brown in the fabric line.

Mmmm, I wonder if I can get more of this.

Anyway, this one's in the shop.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Flurry in July in Texas.

The impossible?


But this was a great way to celebrate my 4th of July weekend.

Only one color off of appropriate for the holiday too!


Measures in at 38" x 47" and features some fun quilting and applique borders.
More pics in the shop.

Happy 4th of July!!