Thursday, February 27, 2014


This finish was a LONG time coming. 
I remember working on this one about two years ago and getting all the way to completed quilt top and then we moved. 
And it lost its momentum and sat.

Once a quilting project gets put on the back burner it's really hard to pull it back out because the ideas and projects keep piling up on top of it.

This one is a whopping twin sized quilt in almost all red and cream from the Summersville fabric line - there's a hint of black in the binding for contrast. 

In the shop.

Comma Yellow and Grey

Well, the children sleep on so I'll keep typing.

You never know exactly when that will happen again.
If ever... 

So those other colors I pulled out of the fat quarter stack I bought at Quilt Festival ages ago were earmarked for this project.

Seriously fast and easy fat quarter quilt. 

I'd tell you when I'll have the pattern ready, but I'd just make myself a liar I'm sure.

In the shop.

Have you noticed my boxes?
Garlic, Onions, and Potatoes?
I was all twitterpated with them at the antique shop we went to the other night.
My husband asked me, "What are the junkie little boxes for?"
Haha. Men.

Comma Baby Quilt

Another little baby quilt. 

In Comma by Zen Chic for Moda.

I set aside many of the golds and greys in the line to create this concoction. 


In the shop.

The half square triangles in this quilt are the left overs from making the shared baby quilt for the twins. 

It only got a picture with Parker since he decided to mark his territory during this photo shoot.

Oddly enough (as seems to happen with most things I make) it's now being used by my older boy in place of his quilt that is still under construction.

Farmer's Wife in Reunion


I last posted at the end of August... I'll bet everyone who reads this knows exactly what happened.
The HOLIDAYS with four kids.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, two birthdays (hubs and son) and Valentine's Day.

Sometimes I think we should get rid of half the holidays just because of the chaos they introduce in my life... but really, I do love them all.

Well, quilts.

There have been some made during this last HUGE absence of blog entries... so I'll slowly start sharing them, or quickly. I never really know.

Up first... the project that made me feel productive while I was tied up with twin babies of the leeching variety - the Farmer's Wife!

Every little block felt like I had completed a whole quilt.

And eventually I did actually complete a whole quilt. :)

In the shop.