Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Post

A crafty blog all my own! Yay! I love reading everyone else's so I figure that just maybe there's someone out there who will enjoy something that I post. You just... never know. So I'm off to the races with my current project: Double-sided minkee patchwork blanket! My little girl has a love affair with this material. It's deliciously fabulous! She can hardly contain herself with me pinning and sewing minkee! She LOVES it. Possibly more than she loves me... let's hope not! But here's some pics along the way:

First there's the cutting... I love how deliciously the fabric looks when its just piled up and ready to go!

Then the insane pinning of the minkee. If it moves even an eigth of an inch my OCD can't handle it!

And then the sewn blanket top. Now for the quilting and binding. It's a good thing it's nap time for the little one so I can have fun too! And I'm sure I'll get the final product posted very soon...


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