Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some little stuff

I've been entertaining myself with lots of little projects lately in addition to the larger stuff I'm working on.

The Heather Bailey pattern for pincushion/stuffed animals starting with the elephants:

Some old scraps elephants for a two year old birthday partygift.

Michael Miller Elephants for my little who.

I've got some more of these in the works.

I really really was terrible at making softies the first few times I tried.

So I quit trying.

Who knew that a pattern could help so much.


I rarely sew with patterns, but I learned my lesson on these...

Nostalgia hot pads.

Nostalgia Coasters.

Bar Harbor Coasters.

In the shop (except for the elephants).


  1. The elephants are adorable! I agree that softies are often easier with a pattern...and even then can get a bit tricky.

    I also love the potholders. :)

  2. Those are the gosh-darn cutest elephants!!