Friday, April 20, 2012

At least someone's doing something here.

Well, I've actually sewn a little. 
Just nothing to really show for it. 
Bunch of doll dresses for a friend's child's birthday party.
Quilted a friend's baby quilt.
A million coasters for a custom order.
K, it just felt like a million.
Some hand stitching on little projects while waiting at dance class.
But really, nothing awesome and quilty.
I know, those two words are nearly synonyms. ;)

This morning I decided half the problem was the MESS. 
All the fabric and thread and well, quilty stuff, was EVERYWHERE. 
So I've been cleaning, errr, sorting. 
You know how it is.
And someone else has been doing my quilting work for me.

**Picture me beaming ear to ear here**

The little who has been busying herself cutting apart my chain pieced Dresden pieces.
It's a little "Good Fortune" by Kate Spain for Moda.

Nothing cuter than my baby playing with my Moda fabrics.
She's going to make a great quilter some day and probably sooner than I think!!! 

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