Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Courtyard Batik Quilt

Hello and good morning sunshine! 
Have I got a new quilt to share.

Picture me sitting here lightly clapping my hands together really fast with a big cheese on my face. 

There is something about color order that appeals to people (not just me, whew).
And a good strong graphic design. 

And a perfectly sunny day without a cloud in the sky to snap some quilt-y goodness.


Ahh, happy.


Pattern available here and here.


  1. You don't happen to have any leftover American Banner Rose you are willing to sell? LOL. I am scouring the internet for this fabric to make a quilt for my son. :)

    1. I do. I have 7 fat quarters and 4 large pieces... email me at with an email I can reply to and it can be yours :)