Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is the story

of how I died... jk.
But it seems like it in the sewing part of my life!
Couple problems.
We moved - in and of itself not such a huge problem.
This little man learned to crawl and pull up to stand/cruise about a month ago - HUGE problem.
I now play slave to hovering over him to prevent unnecessary bruising (note right forehead damage in photo) and brain damage.
This exacerbates the first problem - STILL have not fully moved in. YIKES!
So sewing has been limited to the evenings and an occassional nap.
I'm sure he'll get some stability soon and all will be well again (with gates all over the place).
I should stop complaining, I really do feel like the luckiest mom the world to have him!
But... enough of those evenings have finally added up and I've completed a little project with the most delicious looking slice of fabric cake ever.
Couldn't you just eat it?
Or at least let the sewing machine and rotary cutter "eat" it...
I also made another in the fresh and popular grey and yellow color scheme.
I like them both for different reasons.
Both are also in the shop.
Pattern to come tomorrow.

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