Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Apples

First, a little story.
Yesterday while I sat sewing, my 3 year old was playing with her little VTech toy that has a keyboard. She typed in "MODA" and then said, "Mommy, I typed the word Moda because I love them."
I asked her why she loved Moda.
Her response, "They are nice and send you all the pretty fabric."
So, not only does my 3 year old know how to spell "Moda" but she also loves them for sending me pretty fabric!
Brainwashing = SUCCESS!!!
Now if only they would send it for free. ;)
On to the quilt de jour...
I love the little drawings in Aneela Hooey's new Little Apples for Moda fabric line.
These little images DEMANDED to be fussy cut and framed.
Okay, maybe that's a bit much.
But they did politely ask me to do so.
I obliged them.
This line definitely has some fall flair to it.
The quilt is baby sized at about 36" x 36" and is in the shop.


  1. Gorgeous Crystal. I've got a little fat 8th set heading my way and I can't wait to have a play. Lovely!

  2. I'm sure your kids are one of the few that actually know what Moda is! I think this is my favorite quilt yet! Love this line!

  3. adorable! LOVE what you've done with this!

  4. Oh, this is masterful! I agree that it just had to be done with those wonderful fabrics. Lovely...

  5. BTW, thanks so much for the free Sashiko Circles Quilt Pattern! I'd always wondered how people make that design.

  6. Don't see the Little Apples quilt in your Etsy store. Did you sell it? If so, congrats! I wanted to see it up closer, but maybe I can find that in Aneela's Flickr group.