Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some beautiful Terrain

This fabric line - Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda- was instant love. 
I could gush about the colors for days. 
I mean, look at that orange. 
I'm not sure I've ever met an orange I didn't like. 
And with the perfect purples, pinks, and teals... 
A recipe for quilting happiness for sure.

You should try to get this joyous fabric while you can! 
I hear it's going fast

A while back I got this lovely from a wonderfully nice man and then bought some more to make this very pokey zigzag quilt:

It's in the shop.


  1. You come up with the coolest projects. Another bravo!

  2. I adore this pattern. do you sell it? if not, where would I find it...thank you