Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just a flesh wound

I'm sure many out there have fed the rotary cutter a finger before.
I finally did.
Luckily, it was "just a flesh wound."
One Band-aid and I'm all better.
Back to cutting.

Feel free to share your worst cutting disaster if you feel so inclined. :)


  1. So glad you are okay. I once took of a portion of my fingernail without a bit of skin or blood. Pretty scary though. I blogged about it here:

  2. I'm missing the tips off four fingers on my left hand...actually, I just barely nicked my thumb but the first scenario sounds more heroic.

    Glad you don't need stitches!

  3. HI Crystal, so sorry about your wound. I did sew through my finger and had to go to the Dr. to have the broken off sewing machine needle removed from my finger. And there have been numerous scissors cuts while cutting fabric, thread, patterns. You know it just takes a moment...when you look your child and they need something...and you are so focused and hate to be interrupted, because art is being created...and then BAM YOUR FINGER IS SUDDENLY MISSING! HAHAHA

  4. Once my rotary cutter (blade left open...bad me) fell over my cutting table and landed - blade side down - on my foot. Good thing I had on leather slippers cuz it cut right through the leather and nicked my skin! Last year I sliced my finger while doing a "no no" that should have been done with scissors and ended up with stitches. That'll teach me! :)
    Glad you were ok.