Saturday, March 17, 2012

Salt Air

It's been a while. 
I know most of you are enjoying spring but for us, summer is practically here. 
Houston only has Summer and Fall/Spring - no winter.
I spent half the day outside playing in the water. 
It's amazing how much fun they can have with a plastic box half full of water and a few boats. 
I should have just gotten out the blowup pool though. 
Pretty soon both kids were squished together in the box completely unable to move.
Then, they both were upset with me when I called it done.
Summer is so fun with kids and I can't wait for our first beach day.
Believe it or not, I used to surf. 
The Hawaii Northshore even (got my undergraduate degree out there). 
Lest you think I was good, let me clarify that it was not Pipeline or Waimea.
But it was still a lot of fun. 
I actually wore board shorts for almost 3 straight years.
So I have a serious soft spot for surfer and ocean anything - so naturally I needed some Salt Air!! 

So you can probably see how this next quilt happened.
Because these things do just happen.
All on their own.
I can't be held responsible.

The whole quilt. I only used the blues and greens from the line for this quilt though I love the reds and yellows too. 

I choose the large print paisley-ish water spout-ish print for the back.
I'd love to know what they called it.
They being Cosmo Cricket of course.

The fabrics close up.

I love my little painted quilt rack I found at the antique/consignment store by my house.

And now to dream of beach days with a little surfing in my near future :)
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