Saturday, December 1, 2012


Just realized this is my 200th post.
That actually implies a lot of stitches.

I also realized sometime three days ago that it is easier and faster to finish projects you've already started then to start and finish completely new ones.
Seems like a statement of the obvious, but I really think I put things away thinking, "eh, I'll do that one later when I get more time."
Yeah, like I'm ever going to get more time.
In fact, I'm 20.5 weeks pregnant with twins... there won't be any more time for a long time.

Back to the stitches.

On deck today:

A granny square table runner in Joy by Kate Spain for Moda. These blocks were the leftovers from the "production" of this quilt.

Some very happy coasters in Meadow Friends by Deb Strain for Moda.

A small table runner in Birds and Berries by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda.
I only used the purple and coral for this one.
I couldn't find any way to make the purple work with the blue for me...
They weren't even combined in a print so I figured I was allowed to exclude them from each other.
I actually have a quilt in the rest of the jelly roll... I should post pictures of it tomorrow.
I'm keeping it for my little who.
As I was quilting it (no, not cutting, piecing, basting), I realized it matched her future room colors and that she would NEED it to throw on her bed. :o)
Yeah, it took me that long.

And some coasters in Summersville by Lucie Summers for Moda.
Loved this line.
I have a twin sized quilt in these fabrics that needs to be quilted.
That project lost momentum when we moved...
Lame me.

These have all been listed in the shop. :)

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  1. Congratulations!! That is super exciting.

    Love your Granny Square runnner.