Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh boy! I've got Joy!

"I do. I do.
It starts in my heart and spreads to my head in a minute or two... "

I don't know how many of you will get the reference.
I was in "Joy School" as a little kid.
It was a home school type preschool program and that was the theme song.
I can still sing the entire thing.
Good brainwashing.
Still, I've been singing it to myself the whole time I've been working on this quilt. o_O

The fabric line is "Joy" by Kate Spain for Moda.

Zigzag binding.
Oh, love.

Christmas trees on white for backing.
Anyone else like the back of the quilt to hide the quilting? 
Am I odd?
In regards to this. 
Obviously I'm "odd" in other ways. 

Have you seen all the granny squares in blogland these days?
I'm thinking of joining. 
These blocks are sooooooo fun to make.

In the shop.

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