Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dresden Flowers

Remember this project ??

Ya know, the one I started and then entered the "mmm, what should I do now?" phase of my quilting process and then let it sit... 
My husband called it "bench curing" in dental school. 
You just leave your lab work alone on the bench and then "resubmit" it for a better grade a few days later.
Let's just say this one is fully "bench cured" and now 2 finished 42" x 42" quilts.

The biggest problem was deciding if and how to split them. 
They could easily have ended up as runners, a lap quilt, pillow...
Well, just about anything you can do with a dresden plate... 

Someone wanted to help this morning... :)

I actually didn't fully appreciate how pretty the backing fabrics were until I saw the bolts.
Jelly roll strips that have been chopped up into little pieces always lose something on the larger scale prints.

Which version do you like better? 
Tangerine or violet? 
For a girl obsessed with orange, it's amazing that I'm having a hard time deciding!


  1. violet, very pretty. pinterest brought me here, i had to see what you did with them.

  2. Tangerine is my favorite. Is there a pattern for this block? It is beautiful.