Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scrap Baby Lovey Quilt

Someone (other than me) is having a baby boy... so before I end up "out of commission" I thought it would be a good idea to get a baby gift ready... 
Now I'm debating mailing it or snuggling it for a few months until they are done "incubating" out of my typical selfish tendencies.

I'm not entire sure how it happened, but "baby gift" to me now implies something with fabric - preferably designer quilting fabric, of course. ;)
Long gone are the days of quick and easy purchases at the store. 
I almost feel guilty buying something cute at Gymboree...
like I short changed them... 
It's a funny little predicament because a couple of outfits are a lot cheaper and easier but not near as special, personal, loving, heirloom-y, etc. as a baby quilt. 

So a simple scrappy (not pink, purple, or floral) patchwork quilt was in order.

And for babies minkee (minky) makes one heavenly substitute for batting and backing.
I would dare say easy to quilt even. 

Hopefully the person this is intended for doesn't ever check this blog and this stays a surprise as I have a few pictures for your viewing today... 

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  1. Did you pin baste the front to the minky or use spray baste? I have some set aside for quilt backs but am hesitant to try it! Thanks - your quilts are just adorable!