Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's a little bit warm outside

but Christmas comes early for quilters.
Really early. 
It's awesome. 
The non-quilter world just doesn't understand. 
Like the In from the Cold fabric line by Kate Spain that made an appearance recently.

I've had this idea swimming in my head for a while. 
My very loving husband held the twinners for me so I could sew a bit here and there until it finished. 
Which reminds me... 

Parker Eli and Preston Emery haven't made their debut on this blog... oh, the sweet babies.
So much sweeter when they're sleeping too. hehe.

Back to the quilt... 

It's wall-hanging size.
I do plan on writing up a pattern for it in the very near future... just tell those little boys to go back to sleep. :)

I had a bit of fun with the quilting.

It had me singing Christmas songs again. 
I'm sure everyone around here really appreciated that part.

One more... 


  1. beautiful babies. (and great quilt too)

  2. You mean you made this and quilted this with 2 little babies, WOW! You go Mama! It's beautiful! Especially the star on top.

  3. This is gorgeous and so are your babies!

  4. Adorable!! Love those twinners. Ahh you do know we have a Christmas in July Shop hop starting on the 12th? NO pressure or anything.

  5. It is a beautiful Christmas tree quilt! and you have lovely babes! Please do write up the pattern. I have looked at a lot of patterns for Christmas trees and most of them are not nearly as pretty as yours!!

  6. Love the Quilt and would love to see the pattern, I also have twin boys and trust me I didn't get any quilting done with them as newborns. Sleep was a top priority (for us all). But they are 26 now and I have more time for quilting.

  7. 1-2-19 -- Just came across this quilt. It is gorgeous! Did you ever make a pattern for it? If so, where can I find it.