Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm a finisher, not a starter... or am I?

With what seems like a semi-infinite number of projects started
3 baby quilt tops, 1 table runner, and 2 sets of coasters
all in the partially complete state,
I'm feeling like maybe I'm not a
I've learned in the blog world these are labelled as WIPs (works in progress). This sounds a lot more euphemistic than UPs (unfinished projects) so I think that's how I'm mentally labelling them.
There's more than one way to sane you know... relabeling, ignoring, hiding evidence, replacing, or as my mother-in-law does, dimming the lights!
Maybe tomorrow something will get done around here...
I'm also working on a quick tutorial for making some scrappy coasters.
These are probably the most entertaining little projects and they tend to finish themselves (you're practically done when you start).
Either way, check back tomorrow to get the details and pics... I'm at least going to be a finisher tomorrow. And I've put it in writing!

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  1. Live your blog! I'm in to stay!!!
    Love the coasters. Can hardly wait to get some quiet time to do it b