Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Knot Dress

Yesterday I was completely excited to get a project done that had been planned for what seems like forever!
A knot dress for the little who.
I'm sure you've seen these ALL over Etsy.
At $40+ each I would feel beyond guilty if I bought one (when I have a serger and sewing machine... haha!) so I bought this fabric 5 months ago thinking I would do it.
Well, my mother-in-law is getting remarried this next Saturday so it finally gave me the motivation to make the little who a new cute dress...

I think it turned out fabulously (especially as I like to "wing it" without a real pattern).

So can you tell I haven't even ironed it out yet with the giant crease down the middle in the front?

I was using that as my midline to match everything up... haha!

The little who LOVED LOVED LOVED wearing it.
And the back, with the knot tied sash.
What a sash!
I love the flair of this fabric (Urban Couture by BasicGrey for Moda), the giant pleats in the skirt, the contrast band, and the knots!
Oh those cute knots!
I knew she needed one of these.
Now to go make a matching headband and flower with the leftovers.

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