Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They are done! All 4!

Alright, this stuff took me a while. But it should have - it was a lot of work. And the jumbo rick rack - love, love.

My mom got me this fabulous fat quarter set (Wild Thyme by P&B Textiles) for Christmas and it was just dying to become something. I have the best mom, huh?

4 quilts! 2 babies and 2 twins - one boy and one girl of each size...

The thought process behind making these sets was that boy/girl shared rooms sometimes happen...
so why not coordinate? :o)
That and I sometimes feel guilty if every cute thing I make for the shop is girly...

What about all the moms of boys out there who need some frill in life?


  1. These are adorable and I really love the bog ric rac trim.

  2. Those are lovely! Some little one will be very lucky. :)

  3. I am loving the ric rac too. Are you worried that it will curl up after washing or is it just a design feature??