Friday, July 6, 2012

Fresh Cottons.

A little "Fresh Cottons" to share with you today.
(Fig Tree Quilts for Moda)

This one's actually pretty big - 60" x 72". 
I love stacked coin quilts because they remind me of the DNA gel images in the lab.

I went with the largest scale print in the line for the backing and the green binding.

I also opted for borders on this one.
My little who was SERIOUSLY envious of that red dot fabric. 
She wanted me to make a dress out of it. 
If I were a nice mom, I would have made her a dress with it.
Obviously, I'm not that nice. ;)
I'll grab more for her when I go back to the store if she reminds me, but my bet is that she'll forget all about it.

This one is in the shop

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