Monday, July 25, 2011

Pleated Skirt

This afternoon was a bit of a "I'll do this to pretend I don't have to do that" kinda things...

I should be packing.

We move THIS Saturday.

I have packed maybe 10ish boxes.

Instead, I sewed this little skirt for my little who.

I could pretend that I needed to use the materials up so I didn't have to pack them... but that would hardly justify the time.

This was a nice and quick little project though.

I'm working on an outfit for "the boy" right now too.

Baby sizes are VERY inaccurate.

This thing would fit an 18 mo. old easily.

Based on the weights in the pattern sizes it should have fit him now. Grrr...

Happy girl in her new skirt.

Note the high heel "clickity" shoes in the fabric!! (Red Essentials Studio E fabric)

My little who has an OBSESSION with these shoes.

She even managed to get me to buy her a pair of high heels. :)

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