Sunday, July 10, 2011


Don't these colors look just like S'mores?

Why do I always associate fabric with food?

Could that possibly be healthy?

The hubs thought this was an exercise in self-torture.

But to me it was more of a challenge to see how small of an item I could make an entire charm pack's worth of fabric not throwing any of it away.

Pretty small.

34" x 15.5" and that was with the borders!

After having finished it and laying it on top of the "brown couch" (yes, we give our couches very creative names) I realized I should have made it into two matching throw pillows.

It would have been perfect.

Spot on color match with the light brown in the fabric line.

Mmmm, I wonder if I can get more of this.

Anyway, this one's in the shop.

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