Friday, February 10, 2012


So, the husband was doing dishes and casually mentions, "I'd get you a maid if I could afford it."
Me, "Really? That be great."
Husband: "Yeah. That way she could do all the quilting around here."

STINKER! Not such a subtle hint to stop sewing and clean the kitchen... ha!

So with all that time that I wasn't cleaning house, I finished the rainbow quilt. :)
This was soooo therapeutic! 
I really never knew why people made scrap quilts (not all from the same jelly roll/charm pack/layer cake/etc.). 
I have a very small stash of fabric compared to most quilters who sew from a stash of fabric that occupies a wall of shelves lined with beautiful fabric. 
But I'm getting there slowly. hehe.
I really enjoyed the process of making something cohesive and beautiful out of "random scraps" like this.
I recommend it!

Bound and backed with the cheerful rainbow stripe and big circles from the Celebrate Seuss fabric line. 

In the shop.

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