Monday, February 6, 2012

Waiting impatiently...


I'm waiting, not patiently, for an order to arrive from The Fat Quarter Shop so I can finish some quilts I have in progress. 
Sew... sew... what to sew? what to sew?
I found a project I liked here
A little string therapy would be nice. 
Made a bunch of blocks in various colors.
I found in organizing my scraps by color that I had an unusually large amount of one particular color.
And it's not even my favorite color.
It's my little who's favorite!
In all it's many shades and hues and pepto-iness.
Like I said, not my personal fav.

Side note, I have a baby shower to go to...
A girl's...

A pink string quilt! 

This looks like a jelly roll. 
Makes me hungry.

With the back.

And all laid out.
Too pink for me. :)
My little who wanted to keep it.
Every color has a lover.
But I don't think I can make another by Saturday!

Besides, I have a surprise in the works for her too :)

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