Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweetheart and Heart Throb

We are so ready for Valentine's Day now! 
It's funny how things change as you get older.
I remember in high school thinking I had to be dating someone to make Valentine's not such a drag of a holiday, ya know, "single awareness day". 
Then when I was first married, it was all about having the perfect gift and dinner to spoil the husband. 
Now, it's all about cupcakes, cute outfits, and crafts to do with the little people!
(That husband, however, must still do something remotely romantic. hehe.)

While waiting some more for that fabric to arrive, I made my "Heart Throb" a little appliqued shirt.
(Note: His faucet, a.k.a. mouth, is still leaking. Grrrrr....)
Applique and other fabric selections are from Chemistry by Cosmo Cricket for Moda.

Both kiddos together.
I love a fun matching set for brother and sister.

The endless ruffles of this skirt with binding edge!
It's three tiers of ruffles with a drop waist. 

All that ruffle and the heart appliques for the little who.

Being perfect (at least in my humble opinion!) in her new outfit. 
She loves it! 

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