Sunday, February 19, 2012


I had some more Clementine in the stash and thought it was about time it made it into a finished quilt. 
You know, that fabric that sits in the little bin all by itself waiting. 
For what? It doesn't know yet, because you don't know.
But it sits there.
And then one day it magically turns into a quilt! 
Well, something like that anyway. 

The binding is a purple stripe and the backing is a large flowers on pink print from the Amelia by Me and My Sister Designs.

That's what happens when you wait too long after a fabric line is released to get the backing/binding. 
And Clementine was actually one of my very first purchases as a new quilter. 
I think it was the third fabric line I ever sewed with... that seems like a long time ago. 
I actually made this with it. 
Well, two of those.
I gave one away to my mother-in-law... I think.
It predates the blog. 
But this project was actually leftovers from this

Anyway, I ramble. 
Oh, and it's 37" x 37" and in the shop.


  1. love love LOVE the colors! what a beautiful little quilt

  2. I love the orange frame you put on the quilt. Looks so lovely!